Music & Drama

CCS Music and Theater performance of "Seussical Jr"


In the music and theater class, students will learn to read music and rhythms through classroom rehearsals. Students will also learn the history of music and will learn the basic knowledge of music theory. The students involved in this class will participate in choral development and will perform at various times. Students will also be introduced to the skills and disciplines needed to be a successful actor. Acting study is based on group games, memorized scene work, monologues, improvisation, and imagination. Students will have the opportunity to rehearse, perform, and choreograph various scenes/shows from the Broadway genre as well. This course will provide a wonderful opportunity for the students to express themselves creatively in an unintimidating and accepting class environment. Throughout the semester, there will be opportunities for students to showcase their talents both in and out of the classroom. 



CCS Music and Theater performance of "Fidder on the Roof"

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